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The TASER Trainer™

taser use of force

The new TASER Trainer Simulation Package™ offers TASER™ designed and approved scenario content with interactive X26, X26P and X2 functionalities with exclusive patent pending X2 simulation cartridges. Ti Training is the only simulator company that has an exclusive manufacturer partnership with TASER International.

The TASER Trainer Simulation Package takes the best electrical weapon on the market today and adds the benefit of training. The TASER Trainer includes a Windows platform, Training Lab software, speaker system, TASER Marksmanship and a scenario library with TASER approved scenarios.

The force options include a X-26 TASER, an X26P TASER and X2 Laser Cartridge, and rearm laser
used for lethal backup. The exclusive design
of the TASER X2 Laser includes the realistic
full functionality of a live TASER X2 including
ARC switch. The scenarios have been
reinvented to include re-energizing branches,
which focuses on the X2 and the X26P

In addition, the partnership with TASER International brings a new world class force option to the Ti Training system. “The partnership between Ti Training Corp. and TASER International has resulted in this state-of-the art system and will continue to provide our customers with unparalleled customer support and technological innovation.” - Je Bukowski, COO of Taser International.

Designed to meet your
TASER training needs:

• Use of TASER X2 and X26 ECDs

• Simplified transition training from X26 to X2

• Optional use of Firearms for transition practice and escalation/de-escalation of force

• Completely portable in a heavy duty, self-contained carrying case

• PLUG and PLAY set up with no requirement for a special room or screen

• High Definition video

• Cost effective, repeatable, documented training


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