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Firing Line™ is our virtual Marksmanship Training Simulator

course of fire on ti simulator Virtual marksmanship training is a effective supplemental tool which allows for more frequent weapons training without the cost of live ammunition. Thus a huge benefit of Firing Line is AFFORDABILITY. Departments will specifically see cost savings in ammunition and logistics. Frequent weapons training in the virtual environment allows officers practice weapon handling techniques.

With Firing Line you are able to run Courses of Fire in realistic environments. The system allows for training using accurate weapons ballistics with environmental effects such as wind, rain, snow and light. You have the option of using pre-loaded standard Courses of Fire or chose to design custom qualification courses with their own distance and ammunition attributes. Using the Range Designer Tool the trainer can create the visual look of the environment such as
a desert or urban backdrop. Firing Line offers flexibility in developing the technical aspects as well as the visual look of virtual Marksmanship training courses to emulate a real-world training course.

And even more functionality exists:

Creation or import of your own target images through the Target Designer function, along with controls to edit scoring zones on the targets.

Ability to maintain your database of trainees by adding, editing, or modifying trainee information such as name, ID number, and unit ID.

Customizable weapons ballistics.


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