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The Training Room™ is our interactive classroom system. This powerful training tool enables the instructor to interact with a group of students and solicit real time feedback through the keypad interface.

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text image that says the instructor can poll the class test on a topic or create a discussion based on student responses

The Training Room™ is a keypad system that allows an instructor to have everyone in the class connected wireless in real time. While presenting material, in either video or verbal format, the instructor can poll the class, test on a topic, or create a discussion based on student responses. It has been widely documented that student response systems greatly increase class retention levels, keeping students engaged and alert.

The students can answer true or false, multiple choice, or rank answers in order. When presenting, an instructor knows if the class is following along or if more time should be spent on a topic. If there is no need to remediate, the class moves forward with total understanding, saving time and money.

The Training Room adds a new level of group interactivity and teaching capability to your simulations!

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