Ti Training to Donate $100 for each Ti Training Simulator Sold to Law Enforcement

July 21, 2016, GOLDEN, COLORADO -

July 21, 2016, Golden, Colorado – Ti Training, in an effort to support and recognize the brave contributions of law enforcement, will donate $100 to the non-profit organization Below 100 for each Ti “Training LabTM” Use-of-Force simulation system sold for the remainder of 2016. Below 100 is a 501(C)(3)non-profit organization that is dedicated to “honor the fallen by training the living”.

“We are very, very appeciative of the commitment of support from Ti Training,” said Dale Stockton, Exective Director of Below 100.

Below 100 (www.below100.org) was designed by law enforcement officers for law enforcement officers. Their mission is to reduce the number of line-of-duty police officer deaths to fewer than 100 per year, a level not seen since 1943. Below 100 believes in the principle, “predictable is preventable.” Ti Training is honored to help Below 100 through these donations that will be used to support the program and pay for additional training sessions.Ti Training will remain commited to Below 100’s mission, vision, and values.

“It is with a great deal of pride that we contribute to Below 100’s efforts,” said Greg Otte, President of Ti Training. “We look forward to the day when the Below 100 mission is realized.”

ABOUT TI TRAINING - Headquartered in Golden, CO, Ti Training is an internationally recognized simulation hardware and software developer. Specializing in interactive simulation systems, Ti Training develops each scenario to challenge the trainee’s decision-making ability and help develop life-saving skills. Our award winning systems are used in law enforcement agencies around the world for instruction and skills application in the classroom and training room situations. For more information, visit www.titraining.com.

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